90 Countries | +120 Crops

4 Subsidiaries

Our disruption, based on 4Health technology, allows us to provide the innovation of natural solutions as effective as synthetic chemistry to the market, impacting on consumers, producers, and the environment. But how do we do it? This is our method, Kimitec’s method.

Agronomic Dialogue

At Kimitec Group, we have a method that does not follow the industry guidelines. We start by listening to the producers, to identify their real and specific needs, so that our R&D team may start up the engine. This way, we managed to globalize know-how gained by our teams and transferred it to areas with different levels of agronomic development, providing extra value in our customer management.

Idea Development

In a second phase, our R&D team assesses the needs at a field level and launch projects, supported by our 4Health technology, as a real alternative for producers regardless of their conditions.

Idea Development

Customer Experience

The last phase, where we prove that our efforts have been worth it; that all the research and development behind each product achieves real results and adds value to producers.

In our laboratory, we have performed over 30,000 efficacy tests in the pre-product launch phase and more than 2,000 official tests under real harvest conditions. We want to make sure that our vision of healthy and higher quality foods maintains or raises the profitability, productivity, and performance of our producers.

We are working side by side with producers and developing an ambitious internationalization plan. We have already opened 4 subsidiaries with 5 offices: North America (Sacramento and Minneapolis), Brazil (Sao Paulo), Latin America (Lima) and China (Shanghai); and we have expanded our presence in 90 countries.

We include customers within our value chain to receive local feedback and close knowledge that drives our global vision.